VA and U – Convertible ploughs and blades

V-shaped snow ploughs and convertible blades are multi-function tools that are efficient in all situations. They stand out from other blades as they can be arranged differently to respond to numerous constraints and many different situations. They are flexible tools.

The VA-series snow ploughs are especially suited to moving very thick coatings of heavy snow along narrow or enclosed routes, at mid-level mountain altitudes. They are also very often used to open mountain passes and high mountain roads.

They are designed with an electrically welded, high elastic limit shield so that they are robust without failing under the stresses imposed by the work (vibration, weight of snow, etc.)

Their profile and highly curved tip ensure excellent penetration into the snow when combined with an especially aggressive 400 Brinell positive attack steel scraper.

By design, the U-series convertible blades are ideal for clearing snow in urban areas, thanks to their rubber knife edge and their complementing steel dual-scraper layout.

The rubber scraper works on the soft snow and in a dual-scraper layout, the steel scraper directly removes frozen snow and/or ice.

The high density polyethylene shield is mounted on the frame for lighter and higher performance tools. Even at very low temperatures, the snow and ice will not stick to the shield thanks to the very slippery polyethylene surface. It is corrosion resistant and very easy to replace.

The supporting frame is made from very high elastic limit steel with robot welded continuous bead welds.

The very specific carrier vehicles that we can equip with this tool, from the smallest to the largest include: LADOG, MULTIHOG, HOLDER, LINDNER, UNIMOG, Heavy truck carriers, agricultural tractors, etc.


These convertible tools can be adapted to all kinds of carrier or pusher vehicle equipped with a coupling plate on the front:

  • F1 (Setra) or F2 plate.
  • 3-point front connection.
  • DIN.


Oscillation is triggered around a central pivot guided by a ring with built-in grease nipples.

A system allows following the camber of the road to an angle of +/- 7°

Thanks to a special system, when the front tool is raised, it remains horizontal.


The V-shaped ploughs and convertible blades allow working in three positions:

  • Position 1, a 90° V bow angle.

Driving the vehicle is easier, stability is better and the path cleared of snow remains constant, even with major snow thicknesses.

  • Position 2, with the blade biased 30° to the right or left.

This makes snow removal to the right or left hand edge of the road easier for high speed work.

  • Position 3, with a reversed 150° V-shape or funnel.

This is used to push the snow into the corners or off to the sides. It is especially effective on parking lots or one-way streets.

The ability to work in these three positions means that difficult surfaces like parking lots, narrow streets, narrow roads can be cleared and snow collected or even cross roads cleared, and all this using just one tool.

All of the mechanical and hydraulic components are treated with the following process:

  • Shot blasting.
  • Primer coat and zinc metallization.
  • Three pack zinc enriched polyurethane powder epoxy baked in a furnace at 200°  (Zn-rich)
  • Teroson, Terrotex, Super 3000 (protection against impacts and abrasion) on all cylinders.
  • Thickness 400 µm t

This treatment is guaranteed for 2000 working hours in a salt mist.



  • Lifting is done by a double effect cylinder with a safety function.
  • The plough wings are opened by two double effect cylinders with a safety function (by-pass valves with hydro-pneumatic pressure accumulators).

Easycom10 control boxes

Equipped with a joystick, the Easycom10 control box is used to position the plough blade using CAN-BUS.

The following adjustment parameters are available:

  • Raising/lowering the blade
  • Aiming the blade right/left
  • Floating position
  • Lightning position
  • Ground pressure
  • Extending telescopic elements

To make it easier to grab tools, two additional joysticks can come and complete this control box. This is the Easycom 3D control box.

With this configuration,

  • The left joystick is used to move the left wing
  • The center joystick is used to control vertical motion (raise/lower the tool)
  • The right joystick is used to move the right wing