One-piece snow plough blades

ARVEL has a wide range of one-piece snow plough blades for single or dual scraper layouts, with a positive or negative angle of attack, suitable for meeting all of the needs of the market for winter road clearing.

Available in lengths of 1.60 to 7 meters and up to 1.20 meters high, we have every model of snow plough blade to suit your vehicle, whether it is a light weight one, a tool carrier or a heavy truck for snow clearing on all kinds of roads, at all altitudes, and where high speed working is necessary.

The high density polyethylene shield is mounted on the frame for lighter and higher performance blades. Even at very low temperatures, the snow and ice will not stick to the shield thanks to the very slippery polyethylene surface. It is corrosion resistant and very easy to replace.

The supporting frame is made from high elastic limit steel with robot welded continuous bead welds

Oscillation is triggered around a central pivot guided by a ring with built-in grease nipples.

A system allows following the camber of the road to an angle of +/- 7°.

Thanks to a special system, when the front tool is raised, it remains horizontal.

All of the mechanical and hydraulic components are treated with the following process:

  • Shot blasting
  • Primer coat and zinc metallization
  • Three pack zinc enriched polyurethane powder epoxy backed in a furnace at 200° (Zn-rich)
  • Teroson, Terrotex, Super 3000 (protection against impacts and abrasion) on all cylinders
  • Thickness 400 µm t

This treatment is guaranteed for 2000 working hours in a salt mist.


  • Rubber scraper

The rubber scraper is especially well suited to wet, cold or melting snow. The dual 60/90 shore hardness scraper has a negative angle of attack. Its characteristics let it follow irregularities in the road.

  • Steel scraper

The steel scraper is ideal for aggressively working on hard or frozen snow.

It ensures significant scraping action thanks to its positive angle of attack.

The base of the blade is secured by springs so that the cutters can retract if they meet an obstacle on the road.

  • Polyurethane scraper (Vulkollan)

The polyurethane scraper works with a positive angle of attack of +45°. It is especially suited to high speed working as its geometry rolls the snow for a very high ejection rate. It is aligned with the polyethylene shield.

Dual scraping

Dual scraping allows using two different types of scrapers on the same snow plough: Rubber/steel, steel/polyurethane, etc.

This combination allows working more than one kind of snow with a single plough. The change of scraper is performed automatically thanks to a hydraulic tipping system controlled from the cab.

If it hits an obstacle, the scraper mount pivots on its axis and the oil in the cylinder is drained to the nitrogen accumulators, absorbing the impact. Once the obstacle is past, the pressure in the nitrogen accumulators returns the scraper to its initial position.

Attachment plate

These are adaptable on all carrier types equipped with a side attachment plate F1 (SETRA) and may be fitted as required within the vehicle wheelbase on the left or right of the vehicle.


The up and down movements are performed by a double effect hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder has a flow limiter placed on the down side to regulate the down motion speed.

Orientation is achieved through two double effect hydraulic cylinders. A hydraulic mechanism is connected to the orientation motion. This mechanism comprises a by-pass valve that when it suffers a sideways impact, can move the blade away thereby protecting the driver from violent impacts.

The main articulations are fitted with grease nipples to ensure a maximum service life. All of the cylinders are mounted on ball joints.

The hydraulic couplers are compliant with standard NF EN 15431.

  • Electro-hydraulic unit

If the carrier is not equipped with any hydraulics, then the snow plough vehicle is equipped with an electro-hydraulic unit (ensuring its autonomy), protected by a cover. This unit is mounted on the plough base plate and it is controlled by a control box in the cab. It has all of the necessary safety systems (pressure limiter, etc.)

  •  Rapid attachment plate

To quickly fit the plough to the vehicle, it can be fitted with a rapid attachment plate. This allows all of the hydraulic functions to be connected simultaneously, avoiding the need for painstaking individual connections.

It can also include the electrical connections needed by the snow plough.

Warning indications

ARVEL ploughs are compliant with applicable standards, with:

Two class II reflective strips affixed to the upper and outer ends of the plough blade and visible from ahead.

Two LED clearance lights mounted on the ends of the plough blade on a flexible mount (red LED facing back and white LED facing forward).

Two fog markers are placed on the ends of the plough blade on a removable base.

Auxiliary light kit.

This lighting backs up the vehicle lights when the snow plough is mounted on the truck and connected to it (sidelights, dipped beam, high beam and direction indicators. These lights are mounted on a support to light the road (with the original lights being masked by the snow plough).

Easycom10 control box

Equipped with a joystick, the Easycom10 control box is used to position the blade using a CAN-BUS link.

The following adjustment settings are used:

  • Raise/lower blade
  • Aim blade right/left
  • Floating position
  • Lightened position
  • Tilting
  • Ground pressure