Snow plough blades

Lateral edges

The lateral edges that widen the plough are most often used to complement a frontal tool (blade or V-shaped plough) to ensure a wider cleared trace along the road, as they remove the wedge caused by the blade itself. The overlap between the edge and the clearing width is some two meters.

One-piece snow plough blades

ARVEL has a wide range of one-piece snow plough blades for single or dual scraper layouts, with a positive or negative angle of attack, suitable for meeting all of the needs of the market for winter road clearing.

M and TE—Highway snow ploughs

The M and TE series snow ploughs are stronger tools designed for scraping situations as encountered on highways.

VA and U – Convertible ploughs and blades

V-shaped snow ploughs and convertible blades are multi-function tools that are efficient in all situations.

RAMOX – Multisection snow ploughs

ARVEL RAMOX series multisection snow ploughs are designed for medium to high snow thicknesses on roads in urban or outer-urban areas where the surface is irregular, damaged and/or cobbled.