ELECTRA: The fully electric salt spreader made by ARVEL

ARVEL is proud to present the first fully electric professional salt spreader able to meet even the strictest market demands without any compromise in performance.

This revolution in winter road preparation is synonymous with our commitment to a sustainable and green future. Gone are the conventional hydraulic systems, in their place a salt spreader that runs entirely from a 48V high efficiency power supply with a lithium battery and brushless motors with their own dedicated, built-in controller.

Last but not least, this technology ensures that the salt spreader is completely autonomous. There is no need for any modifications to the carrier vehicle as this equipment requires no connections to the carrier nor to the control box.

On this salt spreader, a 48V high efficiency electric power supply system replaces the conventional hydraulic systems with a lithium battery and brushless motors with their own dedicated, built-in controller.


For more information, visit this page: http://www.bucherelectra.com/fr/home-electra-2/

Hopper: Made from steel or AISI 304L non-magnetic stainless steel and covered with a power paint, it is entirely robot welded.

Battery: The 48V lithium battery is located at the front of the salt spreader and protected in a dedicated and easily accessible compartment. The lithium technology used accepts partial charging, even when the battery is not fully discharged. The latter is covered with a special coating to protect it from temperatures down to -20°C.

Support feet: A number of unloading systems are available to suite every type of vehicle. Handle operated support feet, placing on a cradle, automatic feed for tippers, Twist Lock chassis, etc.


Technical compartment: Water and dustproof, this compartment protects the electronic management systems and the processors.

Extraction system: The worm gear extraction systems using a helicoid variable pitch system or one with chains and a very wide comb layout are all available.

The screw conveyer ensures a continuous flow of salt thanks to its variable pitch screw design.

The steel chain is synonymous with robustness and performance on our products for over 60 years now.

Spreader unit: This is an evolution of the existing unit allowing accurate adjustments with every kind of solid material or liquid that is spread. With a built-in asymmetric electric layout, the system ensure very precise adjustments to avoid wasting melting products.


EcoWet is an innovative salt pre-wetting system that stops it from agglomerating thanks to the variable nozzle technology. The nozzle width automatically adjusts to create a curtain of solution. The salt passes through this saline curtain. This innovative solution is an ARVEL exclusivity, offering the best performance on the market.

Motors: The electric motors with their built-in controllers allow accurate adjustment, significant power, high efficiency and require little maintenance. The complete motor and controller assembly is certified with an IP67 protection index. All of the salt spreader connections are IP68 certified.

High performance and high reliability

What makes Electra truly special is its durability both in terms of environmental and noise pollution as well as in terms of budgetary savings. It is far quieter than conventional solutions, with no impact and little need for maintenance. This solution means that it is especially suited to urban areas where noise and pollution play an important part.