Winter equipment

Electric salt spreader

Phoenix Electra: The first fully electric professional salt spreader

Salt spreaders

ARVEL has a wide range of salt spreaders that can be installed on all types of carriers, from lightweight 3.5 ton vehicles to 32 ton heavy trucks and covering various tool carriers and agricultural tractors.

Snow plough blades

ARVEL offers a wide range of snow plough blades: Lateral edge extensions, one-piece blades, Highway blades, V-shaped and convertible blades, RAMOX – multi-element snow ploughs

Brine spreaders

ARVEL brine spreaders are used to store and spread a saline solution—brine—when a road is frozen or to prevent it from freezing. If necessary, our design department will, after first undertaking a feasibility study, be able to define the main characteristics of the kind of carrier vehicle required based on the amount of liquid to be carried.

Turbine snow blowers

Turbine snow blowers are used to remove large quantities of snow when moving forward to clear a path, to widen a path (to the left or to the right), to open roads through mountain passes and also to load snow into tipper trucks.

Airport equipment

Our range of airport equipment solutions comprises all of the tools needed to remove snow from runways, taxiways and aircraft parking areas.

Winter bodywork

To install snow clearing tools (salt spreader, snow plough, V-shaped blade, etc.), we need to transform standard vehicles (agricultural tractors, pick-up trucks, light or heavy trucks, etc.) into suitable snow clearing vehicles.