Compact road sweepers

Thanks to a vacuum principle invented by Johnston Sweepers and perfected over more than 30 years, Johnston compact sweepers are now one of the worldwide benchmarks for performance and efficiency.

These machines have been designed to limit downtime wherever possible by reducing the number of maintenance intervals.

Made to withstand the harshest environments, these sweepers have a stainless steel container and receive to coats of stove-baked epoxy paint to ensure a wear-resistant coating for all parts in contact with grey matter. Their surfaces are shot-blasted and primer-coated, before receiving an electrostatic powder coating for a robust and durable finish.

Compact sweeper engines are designed to run at low speed, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, less noise, lower emissions and less wear.

Further, a simple to use boost mode is provided making it easy to operate the sweeper in especially harsh locations.

Euro6 et PM10

They all meet Euro 6 emissions standards with an exhaust gas recycling system and they are all PM10 certified for limited dust release levels.

Johnston sweepers are as compact as possible and have large waste container capacities ranging from one to five cu. meters. The four-wheel steering system (standard on C401) patented by Johnston enhances handling and offers exceptional maneuverability so that users can reach narrow, hard to access areas. They are equipped with pushed brushes so that the user gains a better view of the sweeping area as well as a wider radius of action.

Compact sweeper range

Our range of compact sweepers offers three models, depending on the volume of the waste container:


A model referenced by French public sector buyer UGAP

The C401 is the largest compact sweeper in the range (with a capacity of 4.1 cu. meters). It is powered by a 160 hp, four cylinder engine and has two 1,000 mm diameter brushes allowing a sweeping offset of up to 1,715 mm on either side.

C401 balayeuse compacte


This model is no more than two meters high and offers a perfect compromise between accessibility and power. Areas that are height restricted, like parking areas, are no trouble for this sweeper designed and sized for urban use. Its 85 hp four cylinder in-line engine completes this sweeper’s equipment, providing all of the power needed for everyday use.

C201 balayeuse compacte


At just 1.05 meters wide, the C101 is our most compact model. It has a 45 hp three cylinder in-line engine and two 700 mm diameter sweeping brushes and a waste container unloading height of 1.35 meters.

C101 balayeuse compacte

Cab and driver’s position


A full-width cab that can seat one to three people depending on the model.


The driver’s seat comes with air suspension as standard with adjustable seat height and reach and an adjustable seat back incline.

The driver and passenger seats in our machines all come with headrests and 3-point seatbelts.

The driver and passenger seats in our machines all come with headrests and 3-point seatbelts.


Visibility from the cab is optimized. In addition to a heated windshield, sweepers come with sliding side windows, glass windows in the lower parts of the doors for panoramic visibility and one or more floor windows for the best possible view of the vacuum nozzle.


The controls are grouped together on the driver’s left armrest, with the ability to adjust the armrest height to ensure an optimum position for every user.

Every brush is separately controlled by joystick as is the offset and pressure applied by each brush, adjustable to match working conditions.

Multifunction display

The 7” Johnston color display offers easy and intuitive access to all machine information: Engine speed, fuel gauge, warning indicators, user settings, etc.

An on-board maintenance system is also accessible using this display, for locating certain system anomalies, faults on the CAN BUS network and Input/Output malfunctions.

The system will also show the number of hours spent in working mode, distances traveled, diesel fuel consumption, etc. All of this precious data can be downloaded to a USB stick for analysis at the office.

Operating principle

The front two pushed brushes are equipped with a front impact absorber mechanism and draw waste to the central vacuum nozzle.

This waste is then taken to the waste container thanks to a stainless steel suction turbine with multiple blades that are dynamically balanced for low noise emissions, with highly wear-resistant blades.

Then the air drawn in passes through the suction grilles on the top of the waste container, through the turbine before being released at the rear of the machine.

The wetting nozzles located in front of the brushes trap the dust on the ground before the brushes direct any waste towards the vacuum nozzle.

The water injected into the vacuum pipe ensures that the waste and dust are soaked before they reach the waste container.

Once wet, the water retained the dust particles and the waste reaching the waste container remains on the bottom of the container and the particles cannot escape through the filter grilles.

A water recycling system (available as an option on C401) allows continuously filtering the water contained in the waste container so that it can be reinjected into the vacuum nozzle hose.

The system saves the water in the sweeper’s tanks so that it can continue wetting waste for longer, without the need to refill its water supply from a water point or in the workshop.


Third sweeper/grass sweeping brush

A brush located on the front of the machine on an articulated arm. Its positioning (right / let), its pressure and its incline can all be varied from the cab.

This installation allows equipping the arm either a standard brush (with PU or PU/Steel strands) or with a grass sweeper.

High pressure systems

There are a number of systems available for equipping our sweepers with high pressure cleaning functions.

  • Various high pressure pump models with different flow rates and pressures
  • A hose with an automatic reel
  • A washing post installed on the roof of the machine
  • HP arrays
  • etc.

Reversing camera

A color camera that is automatically switched on when reverse is selected. The display uses the screen already installed in the cab. Hence, there is no need to install a separate screen only for viewing the cameras. The rear view camera can be displayed full time while retaining essential sweeper operating information displayed on-screen.

Our cameras are IP69 certified.

Vacuum and support post

This vacuum pipe is mounted on the sweeper roof and can be used to vacuum in areas that are not accessible to the sweeper, like stairs, flower planters or behind parked cars.


The air-conditioning in the cab can be controlled manually or automatically with a digital screen, as required.