Under safety rail grass cutters

ARVEL under safety rail grass cutters are developed and made to meet the demands and constraints of intensive grass cutting. They are perfectly suited to cutting around the support posts for single and double row barriers, with or without additional motorcycle protection fitted.

They are also available in reversible right/left versions.

They are fitted with two cutting disks and are made of treated steel tubular structures. Their geometry ensures optimum working (visibility, size) in as many configurations as possible.

They come with a choice of coupling: Setra, F1, DIN or three-point lifting mount to match all types of carriers (Unimogs, agricultural tractors, tool carriers, etc.).

The power source to the under safety rail grass cutters comes from the power takeoff on the carrier vehicle.

Cutting disks

The cutting disks operate separately. Hence you can work in a number of different configurations: Inner, outer and simultaneous cutting as well as at different heights (with the GRIPHON model).

They are mounted on oscillating arms with recall springs. This mechanism ensures that twists in the road can be followed without the need for the operator to actuate the command.

During cutting work, rail legs are avoided by retracting the disk.

As it retracts, the disk mechanism always remains in contact with the obstacle via the protection plate. The distance between the plate and the end of the cutting blade is 15 mm thereby ensuring (thanks to suction phenomena) accurate cutting.

Every cutting disk can be fitted with flail type mobile cutting blades or fixed blades.


The hydraulic system is drive from the power takeoff on the carrier vehicle. The rotation speed of the power takeoff adapts in relation to the carrier vehicle.

It is driven by three pumps: Two pumps for the disks and one pump for motion, with every circuit being independent.

The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a fluid tank and cooler, with filtering on the return side, a suction strainer, a filler cap, a visual level indicator, an electric level indicator and a temperature sensor.

The servo valves are controlled from the control box in the cab with a manual control provided for safety reasons.

Transportation and storage

For transportation purposes, the gantry slides along the support so that the arm can be centered to keep it within the vehicle loading gauge.

For storage and handling purposes, the grass cutters comes with removable handle operated stands, so that all of the handling tasks can be performed without any additional lifting.

Sideways motion

The hydraulically controlled outer arm moves sideways to cut between single and double barrier rails.

This mechanism is used to position the cutting disks by opening up the arms on the gantry on either side of the support legs without touching the barrier.

Sideways offset

The hydraulically controlled sideways offset is used to slide the entire arm from the vehicle. This mechanism allows the vehicle to advance in a straight line.

Lifting the outer arm to 180°

To avoid obstacles, the outer arm is articulated, with 180° stroke and rotation available. When the arm is raised, a safety sensor automatically stops the disk that is raised, to avoid any accident hazard.

Reinforced model

A machine built with far bigger sections and thicknesses for the arms. This model weighs some 300 kg more than the base model.

Arm pivoting is ensured by a large diameter rack system that ensures optimum travel.