Milk of lime spreader—MixSpray MS10

MixSpray MS10 was designed to mix and spread materials like calcium hydroxide (milk of lime) in real-time and continuously. Thanks to its anti-adhesive properties, this solution is used more and more on asphalting and resurfacing projects. It stops the adherence layer from being damaged by worksite vehicle tires and tracks, thereby ensuring the adherence of the new coating on the newly prepared ground.


Thanks to its welded steel frame chassis, the equipment can be mounted on all kinds of trucks, thereby guaranteeing good elasticity and comfortable and safe driving. A cradle mounted version is also available.

Drive mechanism

The system works off the hydraulic and pneumatic system installed on the carrier vehicle. The connections are made using fast connectors using cut-off valves and protective caps.

Clear water tanks

Every tank has a capacity of 2,500 liters. The complete tank is equipped with a visual level indicator and a low level sensor. Their shape ensures that they retain a low center of gravity and all are equipped to inhibit sloshing.

Milk of lime container

A dedicated location on the machine is provided for holding a container of standard lime. The operator can then use the solution directly from its original container without the operator having to transfer it.

Spreader arrays

Three spreader arrays ensure that the milk of lime or ground compacting solution can be applied consistently. These arrays are provided with a number of nozzles aimed so that they will optimally cover the entire treated surface area.

These nozzles are adjustable and easy to access in case of need.

Operating steps

1. Preparing the milk of lime

Before it is used and mixed with water, the milk of lime needs to be stirred to keeps its particles in suspension and to stop them from solidifying. The stirring cycle is controlled from the control box in the cab that actuates a pump.

This cycle can be customized as required.

2. Spreading the milk of lime

Once stirred, the milk of lime is ready to be mixed with the water and spread. The equipment mixes, measures and spreads just the necessary amount in line with the settings on the control box without the need for any operator intervention.

Every spreading operation is followed by a short rinsing cycle.

3. Automatic system cleaning

Once the work is finished, the automatic cleaning process can be run to clean all of the machine components. During this cycle, the water under pressure is sent through the pipes and the components in contact with the milk of lime.

Automatic washing reduces machine maintenance costs and extends its service life.

4. Compacting the ground by spreading water

The equipment’s second function is to spread a large amount of water to compact the underlying layer before the asphalt is laid. Here too, the machine operates entirely on its own thanks to the parameters that are preset in the control box located in the cab.

Spreading pattern

Spreading width (m)

Ecos EUROPE control box

Equipped with control buttons, the Ecos EUROPE control box is used to regulate the spreading with the following CAN-BUS settings:

  • Solution gram weight per sq. meter of treated surface area.
  • Percentage of lime mixed with the water.
  • Spreading width.
  • The quantity of solution spread is proportional to the vehicle speed (constant gram weight).