ARVEL is a subsidiary of Italian manufacturer GILETTA. ARVEL was established in 1990, North of Lyon, France, to exclusively distribute GILETTA products for the French market. Thanks to its growing business and to be close to its customer base, ARVEL built its French manufacturing plant in 1997, near Clermont Ferrand, at Coudes and became ARVEL INDUSTRIES.

In 2003, to complete its product range and to better meet the expectations and the demands of road, highway network and airport operators, ARVEL merged with a company called SNOW-TEC, the French market leader specializing in building snow ploughs, road scrapers and especially bespoke bodies for all brands of heavy vehicle carriers. The production of SNOW-TEC equipment was then integrated into the plant at Coudes, complementing the production of GILETTA salt spreaders.

Thanks to all of the work done by teams from ARVEL and road operators as well as the high quality of the equipment offered, 2005 was the year when our customers showed us their complete trust by referencing us:

  • For French public sector orders with UGAP,
  • With Paris Airport operator Aéroports De Paris,
  • With practically every French highway operator (ASF, APRR, AREA, EGIS, ROUTALIS, ATMB, COFIROUTE, Viaduc de Millau, etc.),
  • With the major equipment renters.

Since the Group purchased UK street sweeper manufacturer JOHNSTON SWEEPERS, in 2014 ARVEL officially became the sole importer and distributor for this range of sweepers and cleaners for the French market.

In 2017, always looking for something new and to meet the demands from operators, ARVEL studied the construction of new machines for concrete and asphalt applications.



ARVEL was founded


Moved to bigger facilities




Referencing achieved




Business expansion

Today, thanks to its design department and its extensive experience, ARVEL:

  • Produces specialist bodies for all European brands of heavy and light weight vehicles to winter road access and for carried street sweeping systems.
    • Hydraulics,
    • Electrics,
    • Couplings,
    • Subframes,
    • etc.
  • Customizes salt spreaders, snow ploughs and sweepers for the French market, especially for Highway operators, Airports, road management authorities (UGAP, DIR, CG, Cities and towns), public works and building contractors, service providers, rental companies (with or without operators), etc.

The ARVEL plant at Coudes is:


sq. meters


sq. meters




ARVEL was the first GILETTA subsidiary company founded in the world. Since 2002, Swiss Group Bucher Industries has taken a major stake in GILETTA. This is the same Group that purchased Johnston Sweepers, makers of street sweepers that have been distributed by ARVEL since 2014.

GILETTA S.p.A, an Italian manufacturer, is now the leading European manufacturer of winter road clearing equipment (salt spreaders, salt solution sprayers, snow ploughs, snow turbines, etc.)

Bucher Municipal, a Swiss manufacturer, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of municipal vehicles for cleaning, sweeping and road maintenance work in winter. Its product range comprises sweepers (under the Bucher and Johnston Sweepers brands), winter maintenance equipment (under the Giletta brand), household waste collector vehicles and sewer cleaning vehicles (water sprayers).

Founded in 1904, English company Johnston Sweepers is one of the world’s leading makers of road maintenance equipment. The company makes a wide range of municipal and industrial cleaning vehicles ranging from the Compact range with a laden weight of 4 metric tons to units mounted on heavy truck chassis with a laden weight in excess of 18 metric tons.


In France, ARVEL primarily partners with:


Numerous heavy vehicle brands:


VINCENT bodies, manufacturers and importers and/or distributors for VINCENT tippers, PALFINGER cranes and GUIMA lifting arms.



Renters and service providers: