After Sales Service

After Sales Service is a key area of expertise within our company. For many years now we have worked to develop it, continually improving the reliability of the products that we build and distribute, stressing the expertise of the personnel who provide this service.

Our company takes care to ensure optimum service that causes a little disturbance as possible for all of the users of our equipment thanks to an efficient team able to quickly perform the necessary preventive and/or corrective maintenance at our Coudes plant or directly at the operator’s facility.

Email: Phone: +33 (0)4 73 96 39 42 Fax: +33 (0)4 73 96 39 40
Our home base team

At our Coudes plant, a department is entirely dedicated to providing After Sales Service. It comprises a number of technicians on-site who are regularly trained on the latest technologies.

A dedicated phone line (+33 (0)4 73 96 39 42) is reserved for troubleshooting and is accessible 24/7 during the winter (from November 1 to March 31),

for every operator and to best respond to every demand. On average, 70% of malfunctions are resolved with the first contact.

Since 2015, in-house checking of every call has been implemented (using a specialist application) to monitor every request.

Whether for repairs or troubleshooting, any request for a service call is made by phone. Then a specialist technician carries out an initial diagnostic and delivers a custom service that will resolve the failure or trigger a service call. In the latter case, a technician will then visit the site where the equipment is located, and this, as soon as possible.

Our mobile team

A number of specialist mobile technicians are on the road with specially equipped workshop trucks, cover all of France to perform repairs, conduct training courses, maintenance operations. They are in full time contact with our design department and regularly attend high level technical training courses.

To be as reactive as possible and best satisfy our customers, ARVEL may call on independent after sales service points located throughout France and that work primarily for ARVEL.

After Sales Service points 

In France, we have referenced and approved more than 45 support points ready to intervene quickly to complement our mobile technicians. These outside technicians are, just like our factory technicians, trained to troubleshoot our equipment and are up to date with the latest technical evolutions. They are in full time contact with our home base and mobile teams.

Thanks to some of our contractors, ARVEL can now offer customers “Full Service” maintenance cover that may be combined with short, medium or long duration rentals, if required.

Spare Parts

The logistics support expected of an effective After Sales Service department is based on an original spare parts supply service that reduces machine downtime to the minimum.

To guarantee speedy deliveries, we have centralized the management of spare parts stocks at each factory where the machines are manufactured and assembled. Each of them has a state of the art, automated warehouse that handles over 30,000 using an IT system that ensure deliveries within 24/48 hours for orders placed before 3 pm, and this straight to the machine operators, thanks to agreements with the best express carriers and with support for real time delivery tracking.

Winter Road Clearing


Department phone: +33 (0)4 73 96 39 47

Street sweepers / Under guardrail grass cutters / Cement mixers

Department phone: +33 (0)4 73 96 39 48

A single email address:

A single fax number: +33 (0)4 73 96 39 40


ARVEL has always been aware of the need to train user and operator staff members.

To guarantee the professionalism of our highly trained staff and the training of the operators and technicians who will maintain the machines, ARVEL has become an approved training center. Our Coudes facility therefore offers a special multimedia training area equipped with simulators for testing all of the operational and maintenance possibilities of the various equipment.




At the end of every session, a certificate proving what training has been received is granted, to be able to operate safely and expertly, taking full advantage of all of the potential of our machines.