The 2017 VINCI Innovation Prize

ARVEL took part in the 2017 VINCI Innovation Prize, in the “Equipment and Tools” category, proposing its Milk of Lime spreader through EUROVIA.

What is the VINCI Innovation Prize?

With a commitment to an innovative and collaborative approach that goes back some years now, every two years VINCI organizes the VINCI Innovation Prize, an event intended to value and accelerate the spreading of initiative undertaken in the field by its staffers.

The VINCI Innovation Prize lets staffers from the VINCI Group of companies develop their potential for innovation by encouraging their individual initiatives, whether in teams or in collaboration with their outside partners. In 2015, more than two thousand applications were made by over 5,500 staffers and some 150 innovations were rewarded around the world.

This prize not only covers technological aspects but also all of the innovations that feed the Group’s approach to progress, especially in terms of safety, sustainable growth and working conditions.



Milk of lime spreader

A high efficiency unit that improves operator safety


When building roads, an adherence coat with a bituminous emulsion is systematically applied ahead of the road surface layer. Highly adherent, the emulsion sticks to the tires of the vehicles and site equipment that run over it during the work. To eliminate this phenomena that deteriorates the adherence layer and dirties the worksite, the emulsion is covered with a mixture of milk of lime and milk of concentrated lime. Handling the milk of concentrated lime raises two issues: It is an irritant and accessibility when mixing it is rarely secure.


Eurovia Méditerranée has developed a spreader for aqueous milk of lime solutions in partnership with equipment maker Arvel. Taking onboard 9,000 liters of water and 1,000 liters of concentrated milk of lime, the machine automatically makes the mixture onboard in the distribution line before spreading the solution over a width of 3.5 to 5 meters. This system can treat up to 30,000 sq. meters of the adherence coat.


The milk of lime solution spreader meets the demand of highway or airport projects in terms of quality, productivity and safety. This approach is so essential that some customers call for its use in their specifications. Automatically making up the mixture has a number of virtue: It eliminates any manual handling of the concentrated milk of lime and its guarantees perfect control over dosage levels.

Source: A printed VINCI document released after the VINCI Innovation Prize 2017 was awarded, called “Innover, seul ou à plusieurs, c’est toujours jouer collectif” (Innovating alone or with others is always team play).

Thanks to this machine, ARVEL was rewarded with the VINCI Innovation Prize in the “Equipment and Tools” category for South East France in November 2017, earning a place in the VINCI catalog.