ARVEL as a manufacturer/original equipment maker supplies custom solutions that aim to always be effective and environmentally friendly.

ARVEL is a trusted partner thanks to its many innovative products and the expertise the company has built-up over more than 25 years.

Complete equipment ranges are offered so that every professional user can find the ARVEL product that suits their needs.

Ice, snow, we have the solution for all of your snow clearing needs

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Pedestrian streets, public works sites, our sweepers meet every constraint

Discover the range

Grass cutting along roadsides, resurfacing roads, our dedicated machines simplify your projects.

Discover the range

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ARVEL is more than a company, it’s a state of mind!


Located at Coudes near Clermont Ferrand, ARVEL is now a major player in winter road clearing equipment and road sweepers. ARVEL offers a wide range of equipment, showcasing its expertise and experience gained from over 25 years of proposing and distributing products.

ARVEL has gained its recognition from its responsiveness, sales force and capacity to adapt to the constraints customers face. ARVEL is a dynamic company able to assist you in your choices and in conducting the feasibility studies for your projects thanks to a highly effective design department and turn-key solutions.

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After Sales Service
We pay special attention to our After Sales Service organization.
We supply original equipment spare parts for all of our products.
Our stock of used equipment is changing all the time. Please don’t hesitate to check out our page.


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